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What file types are currently allowed to be uploaded to a TeacherWeb site via the File Management section?

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Created 2008-02-21
Modified 2012-04-03
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The File Management section may only be used to upload files that are in our list of accepted file types. 

If you attempt to upload a file and you receive an Error message reading, "Not a valid file name or file type", this indicates that you are attempting to upload a new or unusual file type that is not in our list.

Below is a complete list of file types currently allowed in our system.  If you feel that a new file type should be added, please contact us through a Support ticket to let us know.

However, please note that many individual programs will generate files using unique extentions that are specific to that program.  In many cases, files created through these programs can only be opened by someone who owns that particular program.  Often, a program will include options to export a file into a more common file type such as PDF, JPG, DOC, etc.  We recommend that you check your program for exporting options before contacting us.

Also, please note that you can make any file available for download by compressing the file into a .zip folder.  The .zip file type is allowed in our system.  Visitors to your site will be able to download your .zip file and expand it to access the compressed files.  This would allow you to make files available even when the file type is not accepted by our system.

Here is our list of accepted file types:


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