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How do I add hyperlinks to my site?

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Created 2007-12-26
Modified 2009-08-13
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Hyperlinks can be posted to your site in several ways. The Links, LinksPlus, and 3 Column Links pages all provide URL input boxes in their Update pages.  Any web address put into one of the URL input boxes will be turned into a live link.

You can also post links using the Enhanced Text page, the All Purpose page, and the Homework With Text Formatting page.  These page types all include a formatting toolbar with a variety of options, including the ability to add links anywhere in your text. (Just select the text you want to make into a hyperlink, and then click on the link icon above the text input area.)

The NewsFlash and Blog page types both include the same formatting toolbar as the Enhanced Text page, so these pages can also be used to create hyperlinks.

To add new pages such as this to your site, go to your Update Index,
then click the Add New Pages button near the bottom of the screen.  For more information on the purposes of the different page types, click here.

If needed, it is also possible to post links in other areas of your site using HTML code.  You should not need to do this, but advanced users can learn more about this option here.

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