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Can I archive pages to be used later? If I delete a page, can I recover it?

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Created 2007-12-20
Modified 2009-09-08
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To archive a page, just delete it using the Delete button for that page in your Update Index.  When you remove a page in this way, it is not really deleted.  All links to the page are removed from your site, however, the page will retain all information and can be restored when needed.

When you're ready to use the page again, you can return to the Update Index, then click the Deleted Pages tab.  Click the Restore button next to the deleted page you'd like to recover.  The page will be restored with all information intact.

The Response page type includes an additional archiving feature.  The Archive This Page option in the Response page allows you to save test/quiz setups you've created, and recover them when needed.  More information on the Response page type can be found here.

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