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How do I import grades from Microsoft® Excel and other spreadsheets into my Grades page?

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Created 2007-12-11
Modified 2009-10-05
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Importing Grade Records from Microsoft® Excel and other Spreadsheets

  • Many teachers have Imported grades from Microsoft® Excel into their TeacherWeb® Grades page.

    To do this, simply Select and Copy the columns you want to post from the Excel spreadsheet and then Paste them into the Update Grades page's input box as described here. Just remember that the first column should be the Student Name (e.g., "Jones, Robert") and the 2nd column should be the Student ID, followed by the Grades/Info columns.

    Alternatively, you can save your grade data in the Tab-delimited (.txt) or Comma-separated values (.csv) format and then import the file to your Update Grades page as described here.

  • Also, you can optionally Copy and Paste a row of column header info with your information - just remember to place a check in the "First Row in File contains important header information" box after selecting "I want to manually enter my grades" and then "Copy & Paste" under "How would you like to load your Grades information".

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