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How do I import grades from ThinkWave Educator into my Grades page?

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Created 2007-12-11
Modified 2009-08-26
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Importing Grade Records from ThinkWave Educator

  • Open your grades file and select "Import/Export" > "Export Data..." from the File menu. 

  • Where it says "Choose what kind of data to export", select "Specialized Format" and then click on the "Formats..." button. This will bring you to a "Specialized Exports" window. Click on the "New..." button and enter in a name for the export format you are creating, such as "TeacherWeb". On the bottom left of the window, place a check mark in the box next to "Include Field Headings" and then click on the "Field Formatting..." button. In the window that appears, choose "Tab" in the box next to "Field Delimiter" and click on "OK".

  • Now you are back to the "Specialized Exports" window, where you need to select the fields to be displayed in the correct order required by TeacherWeb®. The order is: Name, ID (which is called "Secret Code" in ThinkWave), and then other fields that contain student grade information. Under "Available fields", 1st double-click on "Last Name, First Name", which will be added to the top of the "Fields used" box on the right. Next, double-click on "Secret Code" to add that to the list on the right. At this point, you can choose one or more fields of student data. In the "Available fields" list, scroll down to where it says "Class Results". Here, you can select fields such as "Academic Grade" and "Final Grade" by double clicking on them. After you have chosen the last field of student data that will be used for your export, select that last field in the "Fields used" box (the one listed at the bottom of the list) and click on "Customize Field". Here, place a check mark in the box to the left of "Field Delimiter". In the drop down box to the right of "Field Delimiter", choose "Return" and click on "OK". This step is needed because the TeacherWeb® Grades Page requires that an Enter/Return is preset at the end of the last field. Click on "OK" in the "Specialized Formats" window. This will save the export format you have just created, so that you will not need to re-create it each time you want to export your grades.

  • You are now back to the "Export Data" window. The export format you just created should be listed in the "Specialized Export" window. Make sure to select "Specialized Export" if it is not already selected (the circle to the right should be filled in with a dot). Under "Choose which records to export", you will probably want to select "All records", but you can choose just one class if desired. Click "OK", and you will be asked to give your export file a name (e.g. Sample.txt). Click on "Save" and ThinkWave Educator will create a text file. 

  • To import this file, go to your Update Grades page, select "I want to import a file I have created, or a file that my gradebook exported", and then select "ThinkWave Educator" from the "How would you like to load your Grades information" drop-down box.

  • Make sure "First Row in File contains important header information" is checked, select the text file that was exported from ThinkWave Educator and click "Upload File".  Your grades will be imported and an "Import Succeeded" message will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

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