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How do I use HTML code to create effects in my site? How can I add formatting to plain-text pages such as Homework pages?

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Created 2007-11-30
Modified 2009-09-08
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In most cases, you will not need to use HTML code to create effects.  The easiest way to create simple formatting such as bold, underlining, italics, etc. is to use an Enhanced Text page, an All Purpose page or a Homework With Text Formatting page.  Click here for more information.

However, it is possible to use HTML code in most pages to add text formatting, links and other effects.  This option is recommended for advanced users only.  (Users who wish to do so may also enter JavaScript and CSS into these sections.)

You can use HTML code to create effects in any plain-text section of your site.  This includes the text entry box of the Plain Text, Links, and LinksPlus pages, the Home Page Footnote section, and many other text-entry boxes throughout your site.

Simply enter the text of the HTML code into the plain-text text box.  When you submit the update, the desired effect will appear instead of the text of the code.

For examples of simple HTML that can be added to create basic text formatting, live links, and pictures, see:
HTML sample display page:
This page displays effects created through HTML code.

HTML sample Update page:
This is the Update page associated with the display page above.  This page displays the HTML code used to create the effects.

Click the top divider of either page to toggle between the two displays.

The Enhanced Text page and the All Purpose page also allow you to view and edit the source HTML behind the page.  Click the links for more information on these page types.

If you need instruction on using HTML, please see your school's technical coordinator for guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use HTML code, please be sure you are entering the code correctly.  This option is available for the use of advanced users who are comfortable editing HTML.  Generally, TeacherWeb will not be able to provide detailed support for problems that occur when you enter incorrect HTML into your website.

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