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I created a web using a Spanish/German/French template. How do I change the site to English? (Or change from English to a different language?)

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Created 2007-11-27
Modified 2009-09-08
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There is no automatic way to change the language throughout a site that has been created using a foreign language template. However, there are two possible options that would help:
  1. If there is not much information posted, we would recommend deleting the site and recreating it, this time choosing an English-language template. This is the simplest way to change from Spanish/German/French to English or vice versa.

    Please note: You should only take this action with a new web that is still on the free trial period, or a site that is marked on an account code.  If you've paid for your web by check or credit card, you should not delete your web and create a new one - the new web will not be marked as Paid.

  2. If you would prefer not to delete the site, it would also be possible to use the site's customization tools to modify all the page names, fixed text, etc.  Click here for more information on customizing a website.  In this case, you would also need TeacherWeb to modify the Calendar (Events Listing) page ourselves so that it will generate the names of months in English instead of Spanish.  This is the one adjustment that you would not be able to make from your end.

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