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What is a WebQuest? How is it different from a normal classroom website?

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Created 2007-11-27
Modified 2009-09-08
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The WebQuest service is available to TeacherWeb users who have a paid classroom site or a valid school or district account code.

A WebQuest is a special type of site that is free to TeacherWeb customers.  This site type allows you to create an Internet-based exploration of a topic, which is set up to be used by anyone at any school.  Since a valid WebQuest is useful to everyone (not just an individual classroom), this site type is offered for free.   TeacherWeb users may create any number of WebQuests, as long as the site fully meets the posted requirements.

WebQuests may only remain online if they meet all necessary requirements for this site type.  Click here for a full list of requirements, as well as more information on the WebQuest site type.

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