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I forgot to pay and my site disappeared. How can I submit payment to get it back?

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Created 2007-11-20
Modified 2011-03-21
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When a site expires, it remains online for a brief grace period during which no updates can be made, but payment can still be entered to keep the site.  If no payment information is entered, the site will eventually be taken offline.

At this point, you would need to contact us to restore the site.  Deleted sites will usually remain available in our archives for a few months, and we can restore them temporarily so that you can submit payment.

To request a restoration, please contact our support staff here.  Be sure to include your site's web address in your message.  We will check to see if your site is still available, and restore it so that you can submit payment.  (Note that the site's content will not be publicly available until payment is made to reactivate the site.)

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